Friday, April 30, 2010

New Hires

It's bloggy blog time, Read-y Readers!

What today? you wonder. As do we, dear friend. As do we.

Well, I suppose the natural thing to do is to introduce you to our new employees. Mind you, most of these have not passed the 3-month trial period, the Great Perlustration, as Harriet calls it. Although I think that word is more for papers than people. (Harriet loves a long word.)

We put all our employees through a battery of tests, and if they do satisfactorily, they are permanently hired. Some of you who run businesses of your own will understand this.

Here they are in order of hire date.

First Rudy:

He was actually hired before our policy of the 3-month trial. I can't really imagining him passing the tests now. This isn't fair to our new employees who have to, but Rudy has a broken foot, and we can't really kick him out. He announces when someone new has entered the building.

Then Martha:
She's actually been with us for years. A quiet worker. She's in charge of opening the mail.

Next Birdy. Birdy is a new hire, and I'm not certain she'll get tenured. She's a frightened kind of thing and has trouble staying on task.

Martin, below, is our most promising new hire and has won employee of the month both in January and again in March.

Martin is a hard worker, and his only flaw so far revealed is a tendency to talk too much. Of course this doesn't bother Harriet who can barely hear anyhow, but it does annoy me occasionally. Martin does mainly technical, computer work.

Bandit, above, was hired on the same day as Martin. He isn't overly bright, but he is likable. He is Hector's assistant.

Big Jim, above, is not actually a new hire. He is just shacking up in the studio for a couple of weeks. We do that from time to time for good friends. But be assured, Dear Reader, that these visitors do not interfere with the highly productive work of our team.

And finally, Muggers, our wind-up dog. He's not an employee; he's a toy! Did you think we'd hire someone without a proper head? We wind him up every once in a while for a good laugh.

So there you have it Interested Reader. The full staff at Harriet and Mickey, Ink.

As always, you are welcome to come visit us,
And meet the New Hires.
Your friends,
And Responsible Employers,
Harriet and Mickey

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