Wednesday, August 6, 2008


For immediate release.

Hector, Harriet's nephew from France, will be joining Harriet and Mickey, Ink. as of September 1st. He will be serving as an intern during the month of August.

Hector, 23, has a degree in sociology. "I am really really happy to be joining my aunt's world-famous company," Hector said in an interview.

Asked what he would be bringing to the organization, he said, "I think I can bring a French taste to the organization and to help Mickey to get along better with the people."

Harriet and Mickey have indicated that the name of the company will remain "Harriet and Mickey", not "Harriet, Hector and Mickey," as some have speculated.

"Even when my aunt, she dies," said Hector, "I cannot imagine replacing her."

Harriet said she is not dead yet, but hoping to retire soon. The company released a group photo to staunch rumors that there has been inside fighting.

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