Friday, October 30, 2009

Health Food Nut

Hello Readers!

Here I am. Back again. This time to tell you about Harriet who has gone off the deep end with her new health food kick. You know, I have heard this expression "health food nut" many times, but I always thought the nut part referred to eating nuts. No! It refers to crazy. My dear Harriet is almost a stranger to me now. Here she is luxuriating in a wheat berry bath.

She has purchased 25 pounds of wheat berries, which she claims she will eat after grinding them in her new German wheat mill.

And she is telling me that sugar is poison for me. She's telling me to stop eating sugar! This after I just bought 6 bags of candy for Halloween.

She is reading Sugar Blues by William Dufty, a very old book that was written in the 70s, long before I was born. She thinks my frequent irritability is caused by my sugar addiction. You know what's causing my irritability? The smell of whole wheat berries!

Dear reader, I hope that you don't have a food policeman in your house. And please think of me in this time of trial. Luckily I have six bags of candy to help me through.

Wishing you a Happy Halloween, [Harriet says, "Wishing you a Healthy Halloween]
I remain your
good dog,

Friday, October 23, 2009

Sad Day

Hello Readers,

It is with a heavy heart that I write to you that Alice the praying mantis has died. Annie stepped on her abdomen on her way into the house yesterday, spilling her innards onto the porch. What a beautiful creature needlessly killed! Annie of course felt terrible, though we can't help but think she might have been more careful about where she was stepping.

Alice's partner, Rodney, was nearby and witnessed the whole thing. He was very shaken up, although when I told him that Alice was planning on biting his head off as soon as they mated he did appear somewhat relieved.

Did you know that certain Buddhists stay indoors for a month each year so that they won't unintentionally kill any insects? Well, it's true! And Alice's death is a perfect example of why.

On a lighter note, I went apple picking with the weasels a couple of weeks ago, and I've been eating a lot of apples. Here is the younger weasel eating an apple in the orchard. Or, in other words, not actually picking apples. I can't recommend the weasels as apple picking companions. Although they are better than the wolf in The Three Little Pigs, who, as you may recall, invites the pig to go apple picking in order to eat him.

But enough about animals eating other animals and stepping on them, Harriet says. It is not what the readers want to read!

And so, with apologies for the sad news and violent subjects here within,
I remain,
your peace-loving friend,

Friday, October 9, 2009

The Woodspider

Hello readers,

As you know, we have several insect neighbors in our new home. As Harriet and I know little about our fellow inhabitants, I did some research online and found out some interesting tidbits about the wood spider. I have spotted several wood spiders out back, but haven't yet approached them. I do hope they aren't on crack.

That is all for now.

Until next week,
I remain, etc.
Your Mickey

Friday, October 2, 2009

We're Back!

We're back! Did you think we'd ever return? We were not sure ourselves

We have some very big news for you, readers: we've moved!

Well. I know the first thing you're all probably wondering is whether our new house is haunted. The verdict is still out. Harriet, who is housebound has heard some curious noises during the day. And I caught a bird trying to peck its way into the house through the outer shingles. Most suspicious is a light in the stairwell that seems to turn on by itself. However nothing conclusive yet. Rest assured that I will keep you posted.

Here's Harriet, listening for ghosts and looking a bit worse for the wear after our move.

Otherwise the house is quite sufficient. We haven't got a cow, but have heard from the friendly neighbors that a family of chickens lived here for a time. I don't think chickens produce milk, but they can make eggs, which are also good.

As you may have noticed, careful readers, our neighbors here have so far proven very friendly. I wonder what George is doing these days. Possibly accusing the new tenants of stealing his flower pots?

I know you have a lot of questions about our new digs. I will try to satisfy some of your curiosity here. Our new house is on the slope of a hill and a brook runs nearby. The weasels moved along with Harriet and me. As did Hector. We have a couple of new roommates. There is a fruit fly named Johnny who rents out a room on the third floor, and a praying mantis couple who live on the porch.


Alice (husband in background)

I don't generally associate with insects, but Johnny is very personable. (I can't say as much about the praying mantises.) He has a great deal of energy. Harriet complains that he spends a lot of time in the kitchen for someone renting out the third floor.

Well, I shan't tell you everything now. I ought to leave some for future entries. I hope your summer was relaxing and restorative.

Until the next,
I remain your faithful friend
and dog,