Monday, June 22, 2009

Taking the Summer Off

Hello Readers,

Harriet and I have both been disappointed with our irregular blog postings as of late. We are quite distracted by the moving of our World Headquarters from west of the Big City to east of it.

In addition, I have just gone strawberry picking and will need some time off to eat all my strawberries.

For these reasons, and two others not mentioned, we will not be posting to the blog this summer.

Please know, however, that you, dear reader, will be in our thoughts each and every day.

And that,
we will return,
in September.

Your faithful friends,

Harriet and Mickey

Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Hello friends!

It's me Mickey. Back again with some very excellent news. The Harriet and Mickey Chronicle now has followers. That is, you can click on the Followers button to the right of this, and become a bona fide follower. Bona fide means in good faith; it has nothing to do with dogs or bones.

All this new technology everywhere. It's hard to keep on top of it. Harriet doesn't even make an effort, but I encourage you to.

Your bona fide friend,
and companion,
in technology and out,

The Old Man and the Sea

Hello friends,

It is I, Harriet, writing for a change. Mickey is off somewhere. I can't keep track of him. He just ran out the door and said, "Harriet! Write the blog for me today!"

It is a rainy spring day here in Newton as I write. My favorite kind of day for keeping the window open and listening to the rain. I just finished reading The Old Man and the Sea last night. I believe I read it once before as a bunny, but my memory is poor. What a wonderful, clean book that is. I think I would like to learn more about Hemingway, that he could create such a wise character.

I, too, am old, but I haven't got the strength and endurance of Santiago. I do hope I have a small portion of his wisdom.

I wanted to reread the book after Annie showed me the following animation by Alexander Petrov. This movie was made for IMAX and was done by painting each individual frame on glass. It took him two and a half years to complete. The film is twenty minutes long. I hope you will watch it.

Your friend,