Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Hello Fine Readers,

Do you like apples? I do. I like them right off the tree.

This weekend I went apple picking with the weasels. I picked 4 pecks and a bushel, and I carried them back from the orchard with a tractor.

How, you are wondering, were you able to reach the apples, being as short as you are? Well, curious reader, I didn't bring George's ladder, I brought my handy stool which I received for Christmas last year. I'm sure you remember.

When I got home, I made a pie.

People make a big deal about pies, and I am willing to eat them for breakfast, but I don't actually consider them dessert. Chocolate is more my thing, and I regret that there is not a chocolate picking season. However there are some seasonal chocolates of which I am very fond. They're only $14.

Here is to apple picking season and to chocolate all year round.

Your friend,

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