Monday, October 27, 2008


Oh readers,

I can think of nothing to write about today. I spent a miserable weekend at the bottom of a basket of stuffed animals. Illiterate riff raff. Can you spot me wedged between the grinning idiot tiger and gorilla?

My spirits are dashed. With Annie away on an important business meeting, I was left to the whims of two weasels and their unobservant guardian. I don't even know what the weather was like.

Thankfully Annie rescued me and restored me to my proper place and gave me a bourbon neat to revive me. Here I am with a couple of friends-- Bernice, the pig, and Big Mickey. We call him that because he looks like me, but we're not related.

I hope to have more to offer you next week.

Your friend, in suffering and in happiness,

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