Monday, September 29, 2008

Wild Turkeys!

Good morning readers,

I hope you had a nice weekend. I had a very eventful one! You know I'm domesticated, right? A dog like me is very accustomed to humans. I can talk and type, and I don't wear clothes, but I do have opinions about fashion.

So it will come as no surprise to you that wild animals are strange to me. This weekend I was out for a small hike when I came across Wild Turkeys!

Naturally I was interested to get to know them better. "Hey, turkeys!" I shouted, but they ran away from me. I began to chase them, "Come back, it's just me, Mickey!" but they wouldn't listen-- they all squawked wildly.

It's so sad that they no longer trust their fellow animals. I think we could learn a lot from each other. I don't know if we'll get the chance to meet again.

And so, dear reader, if you are living in the wild, and you read this blog (which must be difficult), I ask that you give your domesticated cousins a chance. Many of us are very friendly.

Your tame dog and friend,

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Guinea Hen said...

Dear Mickey,

Those are not wild turkeys, they are guinea hens! If you want to be friends with us, maybe you should call us by the right name.

You wouldn't like it if we called you Hector. Would you?

Your occasional blog reader,
Guinea Hen