Monday, October 13, 2008

Frog Goes on Walk Looking for Cure

Hello Readers and Happy Columbus Day!

He may not have discovered America, but he was certainly a good sailor.

Well, this weekend was very busy. For one, I went to the circus. More on that in a later blog. For two, the Pancreatic Cancer Research Walk took place on Castle Island in South Boston. You may have heard of Alan's Angels. Well, they took part in this walk that raised over $278,000, and they were sporting our Orange Frog! This frog has never been on a pancreatic cancer research walk before, and here he is on an entire team of walkers!

[Click on image for a larger view.]

They sure look good!

Here at Harriet and Mickey's we are in favor of all kinds of walks. Walking is good for your health: walking uphill lowers triglycerides and walking downhill lowers your blood sugar. I like to eat sugar so I stick mainly to the downhill walks.

Happy walking to you this week,

Your friend,
and health advisor
and personal trainer,

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