Monday, September 22, 2008

Brain Training

Hello Readers!

Have you noticed anything different about me lately?

Maybe the size of my Brain? It's like one-third the size of my body! Maybe that's because I use 54% of my brain, and the normal person uses 10%.

[click on image to make it bigger]

How do I do it? Through Brain Training, that's how! And you can too. I am here to tell you that by playing video games for just 1 hour or more a day, you can increase your brain usage by anywhere from 1-5% per day.

Look at me. I started at 8% usage, and now I'm up to 54% in just 2 weeks. I look smarter, and I feel smarter, too!

Hector isn't doing as well, obviously.

His brain training coach, Dr. Stevens, is very disappointed in him. (Aren't we all.)

My coach, Dr. Hurley, has a crush on me.

She says she's never had such a good student.

Well, dear readers, I didn't mean to be bragging here. I'm afraid Hector makes me very competitive. What I really would like to do is encourage you to play more video games and develop your brain. Before you know it, you'll be a lot smarter, too!

Your clever friend,

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