Monday, September 8, 2008

Back to School

Hello loyal readers,

Well it is back to school here at Harriet and Mickey headquarters. The weasels are off at some school playing with their lunch boxes. This seems to be their main interest in school, and if they were subjects, they would excel at both Snack and Lunch. Here they are with their most prized possessions:

There is a wonderful peace and quiet about the place now. And if it weren't for Hector, who is constantly asking to be put in charge of things, I would be a completely happy dog.

Harriet asked me to thank you all for the cards and well wishes. Many of you have asked what exactly is wrong with Harriet, and Harriet has kindly listed all of her ailments.

1. Fading facial features, including varicose veins. No longer able to see clearly.

2. Right hand tearing. Very painful to manipulate things and type. Harriet is right-handed.

3. Left hand tearing. Same as above.

4. Holes in pockets holding children. No discomfort, but makes it embarrassing to go out in public.

5. Torn feet. Nearly impossible to walk.

Still, Harriet is a trooper and only occasionally complains. She asked me to emphasize that she is still "as sharp as a tack" and "very active in the organization." All true.

Have a good week, dear readers.

Your friendly correspondent,

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