Monday, August 25, 2008

Give Me a Break

Dear Reeders,

It is I, Hector,

who am writing you in defense of my good name. I am afraid that your friend, Mickey, exaggerate when he tell you that I take 5 breaks a day. I only take the 2 breaks.

I admit I do smoke, and it is a dirty habit, but you must forgive me. I am afraid that if I quit the smoking, I will grow fat like an American, and I have the very expensive clothes which I cannot make bigger. I do not want to make them bigger!

Also, the gym is not my style. In France I like to take the walk after my lunch, but here Mickey is always saying, "Work work work, Hector, you lazy frog," and he will not let me take the walk.

I want to get along with Mickey, but I am afraid he is, paranoïaque, as we say in French. He have, I think, a Napoleon complex. He is a very small dog after all, and I am a larger rabbit.

And, so I ask you, mon cheri reader, to give me, your Hector, a chance to prove myself. I am a good rabbit, and I will not sink the ship.



Katrien said...

Ecoutez, Hector, il faut y aller doucement avec Mickey, oke? Le pauvre petit! Et arretes de fumer, s-il-vous plait, ca n'est pas cote est, tu comprends? C'est degoutant!
Respectueusement, quand meme,

Mickey said...

Dear Katrien,

Thank you for your lovely comment. Smoking IS degoutant. Hector is not currently allowed onto the computer, but I have read your comment aloud to him.

He pretended not to understand because of my poor accent, but I'm sure that he did.

Your friend,