Tuesday, April 21, 2009

e-Postcards Down!

Dear Readers,

You won't believe what has happened. The e-postcard link on our website, where you can send virtual postcards to your friends, has been compromised! An evil-doer in cyberspace hacked into our code and was using it to propagate spam! We are still investigating, but we believe the suspect looks like this:

If you have any tips as to his whereabouts, please email us at stoptheevildoer@harrietandmickey.com.

In the meantime, the e-postcard link is down and OUT. A very sad bunny with striped trousers will let you know.

This is much like we felt when we heard the bad news.

I hope you haven't got a lot of e-postcards to send. You might consider sending paper ones until our site is repaired (long wait). Postcard stamps are 27 cents, but will rise in price in May. So send them now.

Your disappointed,
but not disspirited


Kat and Amie said...

Oh, what will I do now? You know I am addicted to the Harriet and Mickey e-cards! Fix me, I mean IT, soon!

Harriet and Mickey said...

Dear most loyal blog-readers,

Harriet and I are not particularly good at CGI scripting. We barely understand how it works! We have been strongly reprimanded by our web host for allowing this to happen even while we have no idea how it happened. So we will need to find a new way to make e-postcards work, and this may take some time as fair season is starting, and we are quite busy with that.

Wishing you the best of luck with your gardening, and hoping that you get a cow soon,

We remain,
your friends,
and advisors,
Harriet and Mickey

Alison Undercover said...

hey you,

I think your suspect is very beautiful. Can you ask him what brand of hair conditioner and eyeliner he uses?

thanks and bye,