Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Well Dear Readers,

Spring is here. With its sunshine and rain. Here at the world headquarters of H&M, Ink., the trees are blossoming.

Do you have seasonal allergies? Hector does (of course). He never goes anywhere without his "petit hankie," as he calls it. And of course he's using it as an excuse not to bring in the mail. "I can't go out of doors," he says with his French accent. "I can't." And then he blows his nose dramatically.

On one of our recent hot days, I went "out of doors" to go for a swing in the back yard, and the elder weasel shared her popsicle with me.

I hope you, too, are enjoying the spring, gentle reader. It is the best season after all, and we should treasure each day.

Your friendly

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