Tuesday, April 7, 2009

iPod Advice

Hello Savvy Reader,

Do you own an iPod? Are you in contact with weasels or water? If so, please continue reading. Late on the morning of March 20th, an unidentified weasel placed my iPod on the bumper of my roommate's car. This roommate then drove to the car wash where said iPod was showered, soaped, waxed, and rinsed; at which point the roommate discovered my iPod. Too late!

My beloved iPod was ruined. How did I know? It didn't work! It won't charge! It makes clicking sounds when I plug it in!

Could this happen to you? It could!

Do you take baths?
Just minutes after this photo was taken, this bird dropped his iPod into the bathtub! Ruining it forever.

I urge all iPod owners to keep their iPods at a safe distance from weasels and water. Both can prove fatal to even the most hearty iPods.

And with that I leave you,
wishing you a not uneventful,
but safe week.

Your friend
and mentor,

1 comment:

Alison Undercover said...

This is I only take dust baths and never wash my car. Water. The Elixir of Satan.