Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Kickin' Back

Hello Readers,

Oh, I've missed you. I have been so distracted lately, by so many things, and I didn't write you last week, but I didn't forget you either.

I spent another Thanksgiving with my friends, watching movies and eating food.

Harriet wanted to watch Sicko, the documentary on the U.S. healthcare system by Michael Moore. I knew it wasn't a good idea. As you know, Harriet's health is fragile, and these movies can be very upsetting. Harriet doesn't have healthcare coverage.

I know what you're thinking! How can the co-founder of such a successful business venture as Harriet and Mickey, Ink. not have healthcare? Well, her application was denied. Too many pre-existing conditions. Harriet watched the whole movie with tears rolling down her face.

Thankfully (for it was a weekend to be thankful), she had her friends there to comfort her.

(From left to right: Bernice, me, Harriet, Big Mickey, and Hector)

I hope that you, too, reader, had a weekend to be thankful for. We all need friends around the holidays. And we all need healthcare.

Your friend,

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