Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Broken Promise

Dear disappointed reader,

I said I would write to you on Monday, and now it is Wednesday. I will not make excuses.

Here we are on the morning of the eve of the New Year. Are you ready? I have purchased a fine sparkling wine to pop open at midnight, or really, before midnight.

I was a little anxious about how I was going to get it open (Harriet's no more use in this than me), when Hector spoke up. Very occasionally Hector proves useful.

He said, "As a smull bibi, I was taught to open le champagne. I kin open eet while I am asleep! But thees is not le Champagne! Thees is from the Spain!"

As you well know, reader, buying bubbly is the easiest thing to do to prepare for the New Year. Much more difficult is coming up with proper New Year's resolutions. Here is my draft list:

1. Get a cow
2. Move

I am stuck here. I don't know quite where to move to, aside from it being suitable for a cow. And I also realize that I need one more resolution. One big resolution is acceptable, but two lesser ones require a third. I believe it will have to do with the allocation of my time. "Use time better." is too vague.

However. I still have several hours to sort it out, and so I leave you here, faithful reader.

Wishing you
a healthy, prosperous and peaceful New Year,
I remain,
your loyal advisor and

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