Monday, January 5, 2009


Hello readers!

Happy New Year! Now it is 2009, eh? Time moves forward and change is inevitable, and so on. But I'm afraid it's all too true. The weasels, who until this point slept each in their own room, have now decided to share a room. Possibly they are feeling the effects of the economy.

Regardless of their impetus, the effect is that they are now waking together at 6 am (sometimes 5:15!) and making a great deal of noise. I am an equal member of this household. I pay my rent and on time. 6 am is not the hour at which I choose to rise!

Excuse my exclamation points, but I am very agitated! I have been considering a host of solutions. The first is to place some sort of large clock with large hands in their bedroom and tell them not to talk at least until the big hand is on the 12 and the small hand is on the 7. But the weasels are not bright (as you know) and this is beyond their capacities.

Another option is to disconnect the light in their room so that they can't turn it on. Perhaps the darkness will keep them quiet. But the light is wired in, and I am not an electrician. Nor is Harriet. Nor is Hector (obviously).

Finally I have considered placing a white noise generating machine next to my pillow to drown out the weasels' shouts. This is perhaps the easiest solution, and after I try it tonight I'll let you know how effective it is.

Your irritated and overtired,

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