Monday, January 21, 2008

The Secret

Dear Reader,

Have you heard about The Secret? If you imagine what you want with enough clarity and depth, you will attract it to you. I have had some success. For instance, the other day I ran out of Uni-ball pens, which I like to write with. I sat down and pictured myself receiving a small box of these, and the next morning at the gym, while I was doing my stretches, I discovered one right in front of me.

(I don't show it here, because this is actually a reenactment, and as you'll soon discover, I didn't keep the pen.) Did the universe place this pen there just for me? I wasn't sure. Maybe someone dropped it, and they were going to come looking for it in a minute.

For this reason, and because I knew that a guy on the elliptical machine was watching, I didn't take the pen home. However I still think this counts as the Secret working.

Annie made a comic of her skill at employing The Secret, which needs some fine-tuning:
Click on the comic to make it larger.

And now, I sign off.

Until next week, I remain,
Yours truly,

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