Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Harriet Pre-Demented

Well, it has finally happened. Harriet has been diagnosed with Alzheimer's in the predementia stage. If you ask me, she's fully in the dementia stage, but doctor knows best. I took her to the doctor, and she scanned her brain and saw some darkened sections. Here are the results:

The reason why I took Harriet to the doctor is that she kept forgetting things: to change her clothes, to post the blog on Sundays when it was her turn, what movies she'd seen, the names of the weasels. And so on. It's interesting because in The Sopranos episode I just watched Tony (who's in a coma) has a dream that he's got Alzheimer's. And the book Harriet's reading is also about Alzheimer's. Things come in 3s, don't they?

Harriet knows she's pre-demented, and she isn't too fazed. She says she'll still post to the blog. This is just so you know.

I am not predemented.

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