Monday, December 31, 2007


This isn't strictly a blog about etiquette, but recently one of our readers wrote in about a problem. What do you do when you have visitors and you don't want to share your Christmas candy with them? Should you hide it? Should you eat it all before they arrive?

These are all good questions, and I am going to attempt to answer them in a satisfactory manner. First of all, you shouldn't eat it all before they get there, because then you won't have any left when they leave-- which is exactly the outcome you're trying to avoid.

Hiding it is a good idea, but what if they ask, "Where is all that candy I gave you for Christmas?" While this is rude on their part, you will still need to reply. And what will you say?

Here is what I propose. Take a small portion of your Christmas candy, choosing from among the candy you like least, and put it in a cabinet. Not exactly hidden, but not in plain view. If your visitor asks for it, you can tell them where it is and possibly offer them some.

With any luck, they won't ask for it, won't see it, and you'll be scott free!

And that's just another handy tip from The Harriet and Mickey Chronicle, where you'll find some of the web's most insightful commentary and advice.

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Spoke said...

Dear Harriet,

Are you trying to be proper by wearing those Mr. Potato Head glasses? I don't mean to be rude, Miss Manners, but your time would have been better spent by changing your shabby outfit.