Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Flooding and Flat Files

Hello Readers,

Here at the H&M headquarters we've had 3 DAYS STRAIGHT of rain. You know what this means: lots of water. Luckily we are situated in the attic and our roof did not leak. Here is a photo of the little brook that passes by our gentle abode.

In other news, we have recently acquired a set of Flat Files (grey ones).

This is a big improvement for the studio and will help keep our important papers flat. We have purchased several big items for the new studio, and I never miss an opportunity to have buyer's remorse.

The purchase of these particular Flat Files involved a Long Drive to a Remote Place, Stopping to Withdraw cash at an ATM, realizing that our ATM card was No Longer in Our Wallet, buying the weasels a Bag of Cheezits, and Convincing a Total Stranger to let us pay with a check. Naturally when it came time to inspect these Flat Files, I was not in the calm and detached state which is ideal for inspecting New Purchases.

When I got them home, I looked them over and thought, "What Have I Done? They are much too heavy and are probably not meant for storing paper at all!"

Do you have Any Idea how much they weigh? Thirty pounds per drawer! That's at least twice as much as I weigh. This was the onset of my buyer's remorse, which I have since recovered from. A local steelworker helped me carry them up to the attic, and so far the floor has not caved in.

In any event, they give the studio a very professional air, which is Much Needed.

I leave you here, cherished blogworm,
safe in the knowledge that our papers are flat,
our roof doesn't leak.

Your good friend,

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Alison Undercover said...

I have a bag of candy apples that I'd like to store in your flat files.