Friday, October 30, 2009

Health Food Nut

Hello Readers!

Here I am. Back again. This time to tell you about Harriet who has gone off the deep end with her new health food kick. You know, I have heard this expression "health food nut" many times, but I always thought the nut part referred to eating nuts. No! It refers to crazy. My dear Harriet is almost a stranger to me now. Here she is luxuriating in a wheat berry bath.

She has purchased 25 pounds of wheat berries, which she claims she will eat after grinding them in her new German wheat mill.

And she is telling me that sugar is poison for me. She's telling me to stop eating sugar! This after I just bought 6 bags of candy for Halloween.

She is reading Sugar Blues by William Dufty, a very old book that was written in the 70s, long before I was born. She thinks my frequent irritability is caused by my sugar addiction. You know what's causing my irritability? The smell of whole wheat berries!

Dear reader, I hope that you don't have a food policeman in your house. And please think of me in this time of trial. Luckily I have six bags of candy to help me through.

Wishing you a Happy Halloween, [Harriet says, "Wishing you a Healthy Halloween]
I remain your
good dog,

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