Monday, June 23, 2008

Chinatown Bus- Fung Wah!

Dear Savvy Reader,

Do you like it when I call you savvy? Guess what? This weekend I went to the big city. I had some private matters to attend to. How did I get there? On the Chinatown bus. Fung Wah! I like to say it like I'm making a karate chop.

Fung Wah means magnificent wind, but Fung Wah buses aren't magnificent. In fact, if you are indeed savvy, you will avoid this line. Their safety record is poor. I must admit I made a grave mistake in choosing them.

My voyage began happily enough.

But part way there-- whether due to the swaying of the bus, the smell of fried food mingled with air freshner, or the fabric pattern of the seat covers-- I grew ill and lost my cookies in the red plastic bags they so kindly provide.

Yet, I am grateful to be alive. As you have seen from the link above, not everyone involved with them is.

And so this is a happy sad happy entry.

Wishing you safe travels,
I remain,
your loyal friend,


kaat said...

If I had known you took the Fung Wah bus when I read the deadly accident article in the Globe, I would've freaked out!
Thanks goodness you're okay.

Harriet and Mickey said...

Dear Katrien,

Thanks for your concern.
Don't worry-- I am going to ride Lucky Star from now on.

Your friend,