Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Money Saving Tip

Dear Reader,

We have promised you helpful tips that you can't find anywhere else, and we mean to deliver.

What if I told you you never have to buy rubber bands again? Too good to be true?

No! And I'm not going to tell you to reuse the fat blue rubber bands around the broccoli either. These rubber bands are a perfect size and usefulness for almost every use.

Where can you get them? The post office parking lot!

Your very own mail couriers are dropping these little pearls all over the place, and all you have to do is bend down and pick them up. Just yesterday I scored 5 in one small area.

One was broken, but that's unusual.

Short and sweet. That's this week's contribution.

Until next,
I remain,
your faithful and resourceful friend,


Josh Shepherd said...

You've outdone yourself this week. I read your blog every week, but this one really beats all. I'm going to the post office first thing tomorrow!

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