Monday, April 7, 2008


Dear Weekly Reader,

Many of you have been asking me what kind of music I like, and today I will address that. What I like to do is find a song that I love and then listen to it over and over until I can't stand it anymore.

Presently my favorite song is Polaren Per Är Kärlekskrank by Cornelis Vreeswijk.

What's that? You've never heard of him? Well, maybe it's because he's Swedish.

As most of you probably don't know Swedish, I have helpfully included a brief translation of the song:

My pal Per is sick even though his shirt is clean.
He likes a girl named Ann-Katarin Rosenblad, who doesn't care about him.
Whenever Per is near her, he blushes, but Ann-Katarin doesn't.

She is the toughest lady in town.
She's harder than granite.

When my pal Per finds this out, he says, "Son of a bitch!"

One night she invited him over and they drank a mass of fantastic alcohol.
She can tolerate a lot!
She drank eight consecutive drinks without blinking!
"Son of a bitch!" said Per.

Per had a guitar and he sang her a song.
Then he asked for a kiss and she gave him a fat lip.

But eroticism's power is big, as you know
First she said "no" and later she said "yes."
"Son of a bitch!" said Per.

I bet you're surprised that I know Swedish. Well don't be! I have a lot of tricks up my sleeve.

Your constant friend and advisor,

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