Monday, July 21, 2008

We're Back!

Hello readers!

I missed you. Did you miss me?

You probably want to know what we did on our vacation. Well, for one, we went out to see Harriet's relatives in Boonville, NY. That's the actual name of the town where Harriet spent her brief youth.

Harriet's hutch was just up this street on the right. I am going to ask her how many times she's hopped under this bridge.

Harriet's people aren't particularly friendly. And I made a big effort, too.

I think they are intimidated by a hip city dweller like myself because some of them wouldn't even give me the time of day.

Not that it really matters what time it is when you're in Boonville.

There's not a lot going on. Harriet's cousins have a parking meter in front of their house, and they think that's really funny.

But this won't be my last trip to Boonville. I'll be back for the County Fair. I'm going to take the weasels to the hot dog pig races, and I want to see the demolition derby.

Until next week,
signing off,
your roving reporter and hip dog,

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