Sunday, November 25, 2007


You are all wondering how my Thanksgiving was. I know. FIRST let me tell you that I am not a fan of this holiday. It appears to me that you sit around all day waiting to eat, and then you eat some of the dullest food imaginable. Everyone makes such a big deal over cranberries and stuffing, but if they are so good, why do we not eat them more often? Turkey? Do you know how many turkey sandwiches I eat every week? About four. Why would I want to spend all day cooking a turkey?

The only good thing about Thanksgiving is the being thankful part. It is good to give thanks; this is true. Here are four things I'm grateful for (not including my Shark and my Steamboy): 1. my digital camera 2. red wine 3. the Sopranos 4. Harriet.

This Thanksgiving, I decided to stay home and play cards with my friends Big Mickey and Bernice. No boring relatives, no boring food, no boring football. And best of all, no weasels! They went to see their grandmother in Utica for the holiday.

Until next week, I remain yours, etc.,

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Gary said...

What card game are you playing?